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Once the Christmas turkey has been consumed and presents unwrapped, it’s time to look towards the New Year.



Many of us make resolutions for the coming year ahead. A You Gov survey conducted in 2013 asked people what New Year’s Resolutions they would be making for 2014.

  • 51% wanted to do more exercise/improve fitness
  • 47% wanted to lose weight
  • 30% wanted to save more money
  • 22% wanted to change career
  • 14% wanted to decorate/improve their home
  • 13% wanted to take up a new hobby

With so many people making these common resolutions, it makes sense to advertise your services to those people who are in the mindset to use them. Don’t turn your back on your potential customers in January. Take advantage of what people are looking to spend their money on by advertising your business with Focus Magazines.

Gyms, fitness instructors, weight loss groups – you can help those 51% of people who want to do more exercise and the 47% of people who want to lose weight.

Accountants, Financial advisors, book keepers, credit unions – you can help those who want to save money.

Builders, decorators, home improvement businesses, cleaners, window replacement specialists – you can help those who want to decorate/improve their home.

Craftspeople, dance class instructors, zumba instructors, artists, bakers; help the 13% of people who want to take up a new hobby to realize their goal.

Even if the type of business you own isn’t mentioned above, you can guarantee that a new year makes people reassess and reconsider their current situations, meaning that those people who may not have considered using your services before, may be more inclined to do so now.

Why not make your New Year’s Resolution to try something new; a new way of advertising; a fresh and lively approach to reaching your customers.

The Abergavenny Focus and the Crick & Usk Valley Focus are hand delivered to 13,500 homes and businesses in our area. Our rates are as low as £21 per month (excl. VAT).

That’s cheaper than a daily loaf of bread!


Our magazins are free, and as well as delivery, can be collected from a range of pick up points. With engaging editorial, useful phone numbers and events calendar, we ensure that the magazines have a long shelf life and are opened by readers time and again, guaranteeing maximum exposure of adverts.

Contact us before 15th December 2014 to book your space in our January issue.

Special New Year’s rates and additional extras are available for a limited time.

Email or phone 01873 840 793 to find out more.

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